15 Years of Softway Softway

A college project – that’s how Softway actually started out. The founders Mohammad, Saquib, Khalid and Taj saw some really hard times back then. But with determination and grit, much of what Softway is like today, we’ve come a long way.

Softway Throwback Softway 15th Year Anniversary







So, celebrating this grand milestone, all in a day, didn’t seem fair. A week of celebrations seemed fitting in savoring this success.

At the India office, shindigs spanned right through the week; kick-started with cake and who better to have it cut than Softway’s gleeful newbies. We took a moment to take a look at some photographs of Softway and the team back in 2003. Nostalgic yet humorous (fashion sure does change).

Company Anniversary

Speaking of fashion, fun doubled with the twinning concept. As you can see – doppelgangers and more striking a pose all over the place.

Softway Twinning


Food isn’t the only obsession at Softway. Play another. Softway’s treasure hunt took the cake. De-coding clues had the team running helter-skelter. Chaos was the order of the day, you could say.

Softway Treasure Hunt

Finally, the Sway Craze Awards, was the icing on top of the cake at the India office. Survey results announcing winners of the literally ‘crazy’ award nominations were hilarious. Who’d you nominate for that rare talent of being the only one to laugh at his/her own jokes? Or, know that someone who offers free, absolutely unsolicited advice on life? You get it, don’t you?

Softway Anniversary - Fun awards

Meanwhile in the US office, a banquet spread with the most appetizing food shared along with some throwback stories, surprise gifts, thank you notes and lots of love.

Softway company anniversary















To sum up the emotion, we’re a team today, that has grown in number, know-how, experience and most evidently – fun! But not just that, we’ve learnt to practice love and forgiveness and have faith that, that will take us a long way.

So, congratulations to everyone, from leaders, clients, followers, families to our most loved asset – our people – family.

You are valued. Thank you for making these 15 years INCREDIBLE.

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