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Why Seneca HueSM?

Companies spend over $8B on diversity training each year, only to have a 7% effectiveness rate.

Seneca HueSM arrives when the desire for D&I training is at an all-time high, but the quality, relatability, and effectiveness of that training—is at an all-time low.

Seneca HueSM is a different kind of D&I learning platform. Combining engaging and up-to-date content with powerful digital tools to build more inclusive behaviors, Seneca HueSM stands out as a unique and compelling D&I solution.

Interested in partnering with Softway to offer Seneca HueSM to your clients?

What is Seneca HueSM?

An all-new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion learning platform designed for a modern workforce.

Our product combines the best of entertainment and learning in a simple-to-use interface designed for any screen and any learner.

Seneca HueSM can fully integrate with modern LMS systems, is backed by science, and is scalable for enterprise-level access on a global level.

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A few features our customers love.

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Designed with empathy.
Seneca Hue is chocked full of empathetic examples of lived experiences of real people in real-life situations.

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Grow at your own pace.
Seneca Hue℠ is a non-linear, self-paced, self-guided D&I tool. The system learns what you want to see, serving up relevant information in real-time.

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Integration? We got it.
Seneca Hue℠ can integrate with existing LMS systems. We will even work with your IT team to make it securely accessible within your intranet experience.

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Built with science.
We base the learner’s journey and our content around a scientifically proven and objective standard for assessing cultural competence.

Your passion for D&I can bring you more profitability.

Your turnkey D&I partner—simple, stress free, and highly sought after.

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